A carpenter is a workman associated with the construction industry. They build, erect, install and repair objects mainly made from wood. However, sometimes they are made from other materials as well. These professionals are skilled in carrying out different types of woodworking. From constructing a building to making and designing furniture – they are pro in all such things. In most cases, carpenters are self-employed. However, they work for contractors as well. Hire carpenters and add a little more to your abode.

Here are the things that you may need to know about hiring a carpenter.

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What do they do?

They take on a lot of jobs and some of them are,

  • They interpret drawings and blueprints; they use them to make an object.
  • They plan in an effective way to complete any given task.
  • They utilize the knowledge to understand different types of wood and their features. The features may include density, gains, and flexibility of the wood. And this knowledge helps them make a wise and informed decision.
  • They draw a layout, measure, cut and put things together, and join various materials and things.
  • They use different power and hand tools as per safety instructions.

What are the various kinds of carpenter?

Carpenters that are hired for building construction projects need to have different skills. However, in most cases, they are specialised in one or two key areas in order to develop notable expertise. Let’s check out what types of carpenters are available in the market based on their area of specialisation.

  • Joisters – These carpenters lay floor joists, the horizontal boards connected to the structure frame right below the door level. Floor joists are responsible to give a position for the floors to be attached. They add additional strength to the floors. And that helps them hold more weight.
  • Rough carpenters – They perform rough carpentry. Such tasks include formwork, framing, roofing as well as other large-scale structural work. These jobs don’t need polishing or joining.
  • Trim carpenters – They are specialised in trims and mouldings. They deal with skirting boards, mantles, window and door casings as well as other ornamental works. Cabinet installers also come under the category of trim carpenters.
  • Joiners or finish carpenters – They deal with cabinetry, fine woodworking, furniture making, parquetry, model building and instrument making. They are focused on wood. They need to be very careful about their job. Even a minimal margin of error is not accepted with their jobs.
  • Cabinet makers – They perform detailed and fine carpentry jobs. They are focused on making cabinets, storage chests, wardrobes, and other furniture.
  • Framers – They are meant for building the skeletal structure or framework of a building.
  • Ship’s carpenters – They specialise in shipbuilding. They also deal with repairs and maintenance of the boats and ships.
  • Roofers – They are specialised in roof construction. They are focused on beams, rafters, and trusses.

Before hiring a carpenter, make sure you know the exact purpose of hiring the professional. Don’t forget to collect quotes from different contractors. Consider their services along with the prices while making a hiring decision.