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1st & 2nd fix carpentry

1st fix’ and ’2nd fix’ are terms used within the construction industry. In carpentry, the first fix usually refers to structural work, which is done before the plastering takes place. This would include building the wall studding, roof struts, door frames and floor joists, for example. The second fix carpentry is the finishing work, usually done after the plastering. This may be done by the same or a different carpenter and would include window boards, floorboards and skirting.

Skirting finishing – second fix carpentry
Roof structure- first fix carpentry

After the first fix, a carpenter would normally stop work to allow other trades people to work. For example, electricians may lay cables or the plumbers may fix pipes in the roof, walls and floor. When this work is complete, the carpenters can then continue with the remaining second fix work. Carpenters may go off site in between the first fix and second fix. However, on big projects, they will often stay on site and do alternative carpentry work while the other trades finish their tasks.



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